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Legend: R = invited Review/Colloquium; I = invited talk; C = contributed talk; P = poster

Over 100 presentations with a total of 63 invited Colloquia [R] and talks [I]:

07/2024      Sesto (ITA), "Galaxy Groups in the era of eROSITA and Euclid" conference [R].

08/2023      Trento (ITA), Department of Physics seminar [I].
07/2023      Modena (ITA), Department of Physics, Informatics & Mathematics seminar [I].

07/2023      Padova (ITA), Department of Physics & Astronomy seminar [I].

02/2023      Trieste (ITA), IFPU workshop "Dynamical Complexity in Astrophysical Contexts" [R].

07/2022      Athens (GRC), COSPAR Scientific Assembly [I+C].
06/2022      Sesto (ITA), "Multiphase AGN Feeding & Feedback II" workshop [R].
05/2022      Frascati (ITA), "Latest Advances in X-ray Spectroscopy and Polarimetry" workshop [I].

04/2022      Virtual, UNAM High-Energy Astrophysics seminar [I].

11/2021      Virtual, "HydroSim 2021" collaboration meeting.
11/2021      Virtual, IAU362 Symposium "Predictive Power of Computational Astrophysics" [C].

03/2021      Virtual, Geneva University Astrophysics Colloquium [R].

09/2020      Virtual, INAF/DIFA University of Bologna astrophysics seminar [I].
09/2020      Virtual, Tor Vergata University of Rome Astrophysics Colloquium [R].
06/2020      Virtual, "EAS 2020" conference [3xC].

12/2019      New York (NY, USA), CCA, "Universality: Turbulence Across Vast Scales" workshop [C].

09/2019      Trieste (ITA), "HydroSim 2019" meeting [C].
09/2019      Bologna (ITA), "X-ray Astronomy 2019" conference [P].
08/2019      Madrid (ESP), "5th CARS" collaboration meeting.

07/2019      Sesto (ITA), "Tracing Cosmic Evolution with Clusters of Galaxies 2019" conference [C].

06/2019      Lyon (FRA), "EWASS 2019" symposium [2×R & C].

05/2019      Madrid (SPA), "Astrophysics of Hot Plasma" conference [C].

05/2019      Kansas City (MO, USA), UMKC Department of Physics & Astronomy Colloquium [R].

03/2019      Budapest (HUN), "ICM 2019: Theory and Computation" conference [I].

02/2019      College Park (MD, USA), UMD Department of Astronomy Colloquium [R].
02/2019      New York (NY, USA), Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) Colloquium [R].

02/2019      Storrs (CT, USA), UConn Department of Physics Colloquium [R].
01/2019      Huntsville (AL, USA), Department of Physics & Astronomy Colloquium [R].
01/2019      SISSA (TS, ITA), Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati seminar [I].
01/2019      INAF Trieste (ITA), Observatory seminar [I].

01/2019      Garching (GER), joint MPE+ESO+MPA main Colloquium [R].
09/2018      Trieste
, INAF (ITA), "6th HydroSim" meeting [I].
09/2018      Naples (ITA), "Cluster-2", University of Napoli [C].

09/2018      Berlin (GER), "The role of feedback in galaxy formation" AIP conference [C].

08/2018      Heidelberg (GER), "4th CARS" collaboration meeting.

07/2018      Sesto (ITA), "Multiphase AGN Feeding & Feedback" workshop [R].
05/2018      Philadelphia (USA), MUSTANG-2 Penn science workshop [I].
04/2018      Liverpool (UK), "EWASS 2018" symposium [C & 2×P].

03/2018      Snowbird (UT, USA), SnowCluster 2018: "The Physics of Galaxy Clusters" conference [R].

02/2018      Raleigh (NC, USA), North Carolina State University Physics Department Colloquium [R].

01/2018      Gainesville (FL, USA), U. Florida Astronomy Department Colloquium [R].
01/2018      Sesto (ITA), "Preparing the science of galaxy clusters & WHIM with Athena" workshop [I].

12/2017      Princeton (NJ, USA), Postdoc PU symposium [C].

10/2017      Cambridge (MA, USA), "Einstein Fellows 2017" symposium [I].
09/2017      Princeton (NJ, USA), Bahcall Lunch [I].
07/2017      Santander (ESP), "Galaxy Clusters 2017" conference [C].
06/2017      Jekyll Island (GA, USA), "AGN Winds 2017" conference [C].
04/2017      Beijing (CHN), "Physics of the Intra-Cluster Medium 2017" conference [R].

02/2017      Turin (ITA), "Cluster I", University of Turin [C].

02/2017      Sesto (ITA), "The remarkable life of a BCG" conference [R].
02/2017      Princeton (NJ, USA), Dep. of Astrophysical Science Thunch seminar [I].

12/2016      Yale (CT, USA), Yale Astronomy Department Colloquium [R].
10/2016      Cambridge (MA, USA), "Einstein Fellows 2016" symposium [I].
09/2016      Trieste, INAF (ITA), "5th HydroSim" meeting [R].
07/2016      Athens (GRC), "EWASS 2016" symposium [I & C].
05/2016      Madrid (SPA), "XMM-Newton: the next decade" conference [C].
04/2016      Cambridge (MA, USA), MIT Kavli Institute Colloquium [R].
04/2016      Princeton (NJ, USA), Bahcall Lunch [I].
10/2015      Cambridge (MA, USA), "Einstein Fellows 2016" symposium [I].
09/2015      Chania (GRC), "Demographics and environment of AGN" conference [I].

09/2015      Honolulu (HI, USA), "XXIX IAU General Assembly" symposium [I & 2×C].

07/2015      Puebla (MEX), "Guilermo Haro 2015 - SMBH formation and evolution" workshop [R].

06/2015      Garching, MPE (GER), "Let’s group – galaxy group evolution" conference [C].

03/2015      Garching (GER), MPA HEA seminar [I].
02/2015      Trieste, INAF (ITA), "4th HydroSim" meeting [I].

01/2015      Garching (GER), MPE HEA seminar [I].
08/2014      Copenhagen (DEN), "3rd ICM Theory and Computation" workshop [I].
06/2014      Paris (FRA), "Clusters 2014" conference [C].
06/2014      Dublin (IRL), "The X-ray Universe" symposium [C].
04/2014      Munich (GER), LMU seminar [I].
12/2013      Garching (GER), MPA Institute Colloquium [R].
09/2013      Trieste, INAF (ITA), "3rd HydroSim" meeting [I].
03/2013      Snowbird (UT, USA), SnowCluster 2013: "The Physics of Galaxy Clusters" conference [C].

01/2013      Trieste, INAF (ITA), "2nd HydroSim" meeting [I].
10/2012      Garching (GER), MPA HEA seminar [I].
07/2012      Bologna, IRA (ITA), Radio Astronomy Colloquium [R].
06/2012      Bremen (Germany), Jacobs University Colloquium [R
06/2012      Bologna (ITA), "1st HydroSim" meeting [I].
05/2012      ESAC (Madrid, ESP), "Galaxy Clusters as Giant Cosmic Laboratories" conference [C].

02/2012      Bologna (ITA), Department of Astronomy seminar [I].
01/2012      Leiden (NLD), Observatory Colloquium [
11/2012      Bologna (ITA), Department of Astronomy seminar [I].
02/2010      Bologna (ITA), Department of Astronomy seminar [I].
06/2009      Bologna (ITA), Department of Astronomy seminar [I].
05/2009      Madison (WI, USA), "The monster’s fiery breath" conference [P].
04/2009      Bologna (ITA), Department of Astronomy seminar [I].

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