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• Cover: "Inflows and outflows in Centaurus A"Jan 2022 cover article of Nature Astronomy.

• Press release: "Astronomers capture black hole eruption spanning 16 times the full moon in the sky"ICRAR (Nature Astronomy), Media INAF.

• Press release: "Astronomers Spy Quartet of Cavities From Giant Black Holes"Chandra X-ray Center.

• Press release: "Investigating the iron puzzle in galaxy clusters" -- Media INAF.

• Press release: "Orphan cloud discovered in galaxy cluster"ESA NewsMedia INAF.

• Press release: "Constraining the origin and models of chemical enrichment in galaxy clusters" – Athena News.

• Press release: "Phoenix Cluster: A Weakened Black Hole Allows Its Galaxy to Awaken" – Chandra X-ray CenterHST News.

• Press release: "Black Hole or Newborn Stars? SOFIA Finds Galactic Puzzle" – NASA News.

• Press release: "Black holes halt the formation of stars" – National GeographicLa Repubblica, Corriere della Sera (and main Italian newspapers).

Press release: "Red Nuggets are Galactic Gold for Astronomers" – Chandra X-ray CenterMedia INAF.

Feature article: "Clouds Rain Down on Black Hole" – Sky & Telescope.

• Press release: "Measuring turbulence and gas motions in galaxy clusters via synthetic Athena X-IFU observations" -- Athena X-ray Observatory.

Press release & interview: "Chasing Black Holes: from Bolzano to Princeton -- Massimo Gaspari" – Alto Adige newspaper (front page cover story).

Press release: "Making Head or Tail of a Galactic Landscape" – Chandra X-ray Center, Media INAF.

Press release: "Athena X-IFU synthetic observations of galaxy clusters to probe the chemical enrichment of the Universe" -- Athena X-ray Observatory.

• Press release: "Galaxy-Scale Fountain Seen in Full Glory" – NRAO/ALMA NewsESO NewsChandra X-ray Center.

• Press release: "Shaken and Stirred Galaxy Clusters through ATHENA's Eyes" – Athena Newsletter #6 and Athena Nugget.

• Press release: "How Black Holes Shape Galaxies" – ESA Science News.

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