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2024              Expert Referee for the DiRAC HPC proposals (10-100M cpu-hrs).

2024              Expert Referee for the ANR AAPG large proposals (∼€1M budgets).

2023--Present    SOC member: Special Session on "AGN Fueling" during the EAS 2024 Symposium (ITA).

2023--Present    Organizer & SOC member: Workshop "Dynamical Complexity in Astrophysical Contexts" at IFPU (ITA).

2019--2022     Main organizer & SOC Chair: Workshop "Multiphase AGN Feeding & Feedback II: Linking the Micro to Macro Scales in Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters" at SCfA (ITA). 

2022--Present    AXIS (NASA) member in 2 Science Working Groups: "AGN" and "Galaxy Evolution".

2021              Topic Editor, Editorial Board of Galaxies journal.

2020--Present    Associate member of the LISA Consortium (WG Astrophysics).

2019--Present    Chair of the SUBWAYS WG "Observations--Models Interface".

2018--Present    Member of the SUBWAYS collaboration (Supermassive Black Holes Winds in the X-rays; 46 members).

2017--2018     Main organizer & SOC Chair: Workshop "Multiphase AGN Feeding & Feedback: Linking the Micro to Macro Scales in Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters" at SCfA (ITA).

2017--2018     Main organizer of the Colloquia at the Dep. Astrophysical Sciences (Princeton), jointly with IAS: candidates selection (24), inviting, schedule and hosting management.

2018              Chair of the panel "AGN feedback observations" (Potsdam, AIP; 09/18).

2018--Present    Member of the XMM-Heritage Cluster collaboration (~100 members).

2018--2022     Member of the X-COP collaboration (XMM-Newton cluster outskirts project; ~30 members).

2018--Present    Member of the CARS collaboration (Close AGN Reference Survey;  ~50 members).

2018--Present    Member of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

2017--Present    Panel Reviewer for the National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals (∼$1M budgets).

2017--Present    Member of the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

2017--Present    Member of the High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD).

2017--Present    LYNX (NASA) member: 2 Science Working Groups – "Physics of Feedback", "Physics of Plasmas" (~300 members).

2017--2019     ISSI international team member: "Dissecting the link between AGN central engine and the host multiphase halo in the context of black hole feeding" (~20 members).

2016--Present    Member of National Postdoc Association (NPA; USA).
2015--2020     Hosting and inviting speakers for the weekly MHD and Plasma meetings (Astro Dep., PU).

2015--2020     Hosting and assisting speakers for the Astro/IAS Colloquia (Princeton).

2013--Present    ATHENA (ESA) member: 2 Science Working Groups – "AGN Feedback" and "Group & Cluster Physics" (~1000 members).

2013--Present    Member of the Trieste-Munich numerical cosmology HydroSim team (~20 members).
2013--Present    Member of the European Astronomical Society (EAS).

2012--Present    Referee for the main astrophysical journals: ApJ, MNRAS, A&A, Nature.
2010--Present    NASA Ames long-term collaborator (Host: Dr. Pasquale Temi; Ames Research Center - Moffett Field, CA).

Building and leading a network of close international collaborators via the BlackHoleWeather program:

• theory & numerics: J. Stone (IAS Princeton), F. Brighenti (U. Bologna), H.-Y. Schive (U. Taiwan), S. Borgani (U. Trieste), S. Profumo (UCSC), H.-Y. Yang (U. Taiwan), A. Danehkar (Eureka), E. Lau (CfA), R. Khatri (U. Mumbai), T. Waters (UNLV), Y. Cavecchi (UNAM), E. Rasia (OA-Trieste), E. Pointecouteau (IRAP);

• multiwavelength observationsF. Fiore (OA-Trieste), M. McDonald (MIT), P. Temi (NASA), P. Tozzi (OA-Firenze), F. Tombesi (U. Rome), S. Johnson (U. Michigan), M. Sun (UAH), G. Tremblay (CfA), G. Chartas (COFC), E. Piconcelli (OA-Rome), M. Cappi (OA-Bologna), R. Kraft (CfA), M. Brusa (U. Bologna), F. Gastaldello (IASF-Milano), M. Rossetti (IASF-Milano), S. De Grandi (OA-Merate), L. Lovisari (OA-Milano), A. Saro (U. Trieste), A. Bonafede (UniBO).

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