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2020              Main organizer & SOC Chair: Workshop "Multiphase AGN Feeding & Feedback: Linking the Micro to Macro Scales in Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters" at SCfA (ITA).

2019--Present    Chair of the SUBWAYS SWG4 "Observations--Models Interface".

2018--Present    Member of the SUBWAYS collaboration (Supermassive Black Holes Winds in the X-rays; 46 members).

2017--2018     Main organizer & SOC Chair: Workshop "Multiphase AGN Feeding & Feedback: Linking the Micro to Macro Scales in Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters" at SCfA (ITA).

2017--2018     Main organizer of the Colloquia at the Dep. Astrophysical Sciences (Princeton), jointly with IAS: candidates selection (24), inviting, schedule and hosting management.

2018              Chair of the panel "AGN feedback observations" (Potsdam, AIP; 09/18).

2018--Present    Member of the XMM-Heritage Cluster collaboration (~100 members).

2018--Present    Member of the X-COP collaboration (XMM-Newton cluster outskirts project; ~30 members).

2018--Present    Member of the CARS collaboration (Close AGN Reference Survey;  ~50 members).

2018--Present    Member of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

2017--Present    Panel Reviewer for the National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals (∼$1M budgets).

2017--Present    Member of the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

2017--Present    Member of the High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD).

2017--Present    LYNX (NASA) member: 2 Science Working Groups – "Physics of Feedback", "Physics of Plasmas" (~300 members).

2017--Present    ISSI international team member: "Dissecting the link between AGN central engine and the host multiphase halo in the context of black hole feeding" (~20 members).

2016--Present    Member of National Postdoc Association (NPA; USA).
2015--Present    Hosting and inviting speakers for the weekly MHD and Plasma meetings (Astro Dep., PU).

2015--Present    Hosting and assisting speakers for the Astro/IAS Colloquia (Princeton).

2013--Present    ATHENA (ESA) member: 2 Science Working Groups – "AGN Feedback" and "Group & Cluster Physics" (~1000 members).

2013--Present    Member of the Trieste-Munich numerical cosmology HydroSim team (~20 members).
2013--Present    Member of the European Astronomical Society (EAS).

2012--Present    Referee for the main astrophysical journals: ApJ, MNRAS, A&A, Nature.
2010--Present    NASA Ames long-term collaborator (Host: Dr. Pasquale Temi; Ames Research Center - Moffett Field, CA).

2009--Present    Member of INAF (Italian Institute for Astrophysics).

Main facilitator of a network of ~40 close international collaborators covering a large spectrum of capabilities and fields: 

• theory & numerics: J. Stone (U. Princeton), F. Brighenti (U. Bologna), H.-Y. Schive (NCSA), S. Borgani (U. Trieste), E. Rasia (OA-Trieste), H.-Y. Yang (UMD), E. Lau (Yale), D. Nagai (Yale), R. Khatri (U. Mumbai), V. Biffi (U. Trieste), A. Sadowski (MIT), K. Dolag (USM), M. Vogelsberger (MIT), D. Wittor (U. Bologna), M. Roncarelli (U. Bologna), Y. Cavecchi (U. Princeton);

• multiwavelength observations: S. Ettori (OA-Bologna), M. McDonald (MIT), P. Temi (NASA), P. Tozzi (OA-Trieste), D. Eckert (MPE), M. Sun (U. Alabama), G. Tremblay (CfA), M. Cappi (OA-Bologna), F. Tombesi (U. Rome), F. Gastaldello (OA-Milan), S. Johnson (U. Princeton), E. Pointecouteau (IRAP), A. Edge (Durham), T. Mroczkowski (ESO), S. De Grandi (OA-Merate), S. Molendi (IASF-Milan), E. Bulbul (CfA), S. Laha (UCSD), F. Hofmann (MPE), K. Fogarty (JHU), C. Romero (U. Penn).