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Organizational & Social Skills:

• Team leader: develop a mindful team committed to excellence, sharing, and positive growth.

• Self-motivated and pro-active with excellent creative and critical thinking.
• Excellent sense of organization and ability to rapidly face unforeseen occurrences.
• Excellent ability to learn and solve new problems independently and in quick time.

• Strong work ethic: high level of dedication, discipline, teamwork, and accountability.

Computer & Programming Skills:

• Languages: Python, Fortran, C/C++, MPI, CUDA, OpenMP, HTML, Bash, Perl.
• Platforms: Linux, Unix, macOS, AIX, Windows.

• Data Analysis: Python packages (e.g., MPL), yt, IDL, SuperMongo, Astropy, VisIt, DS9, Mathematica.

• Other: High-performance computing, GDB, TotalView, LATEX, Emacs, Wix, Office, networks.


English (Fluent) | Italian (Native) | German (Intermediate)

Other Professional Training:

• 2020--2022       Weekly seminars and Colloquia at INAF-OAS and UniBo (DIFA).

• 2015--2020       Weekly seminars, Colloquia, Thunch, and Bahcall talks at PU and IAS (Princeton).

• 05/2018          Spitzer Lectures: Prof. Alessandra Buonanno on gravitational waves (Astro Dep., Princeton).

• 05/2017          Spitzer Lectures: Dr. David Wilner on mm emission from dust & gas (Astro Dep., Princeton).

• 05/2016          Spitzer Lectures: Prof. Julianne Dalcanton on stellar populations (Astro Dep., Princeton).

• 2012--2015       Weekly seminars and Colloquia at MPA, ESO, and MPE (Garching).
• 07/2014          Biermann Lectures: Prof. Volker Springel on cosmological simulations (MPA, Gar.).

• 06/2013          Biermann Lectures: Prof. Carlos Frenk on cold dark matter (MPA, Garching).

• 09/2011          School of Astrophysics Lucchin (Erice, ITA): "Galaxy bulges, low-mass stars, planets".

• 05-08/2011      Internship at U. Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA): 3D simulations of TI and AGN feedback.

• 10-11/2010      Internship at NASA Ames (CA, USA): HPC MHD simulations development on Pleiades.

• 09/2010           Training course: "Physical properties of AGN", Dep. of Astronomy, UniBo.
• 07/2010           International AstroSIM (Torun, POL): "Petascale supercomputing in astrophysics".

• 06/2010           School of Astrophysics Lucchin (Madonna di Campiglio, ITA): "Lensing, dark matter, BHs".

• 11/2009           Training course: "Molecular clouds and star formation" (IRA, Bologna).
• 11/2009           School of Astrophysics Lucchin (Spineto, ITA): "Simulations of complex phenomena".

• 05/2009           Training course: "Globular clusters", Dep. of Astronomy (UniBo).

• 2009-2011        Weekly seminars and yearly colloquia at the Astronomy Dep., UniBo.
• 05-07/2008      Internship at the Astro Dep. (UniBo): learning numerical Eulerian AMR techniques.

• 05-06/2007      Internship at Loiano Observatory (ITA): usage of spectrograph/CCD of the 152 cm telescope.

• 09-12/2006      Internship at the Astro Dep. (UniBo): MHD solutions of shocks and X-ray cavities in clusters.

• 03/2003           Internship at the Department of Mathematics (Trento, ITA), "The Mathematician Workshop".

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